Monday, May 10, 2010

Cannot log on to the Opalis Operator Console: ‘The username or password you have entered is not correct. Transaction failed’

First a small story.

At the moment I am testing Opalis. I have installed it multiple times, just to get it into my system and document it thoroughly. The part I ‘like’ the most is the installation of the Opalis Operator Console! Yeah, right!

Some of my friends are really Unix/Linux geeks and do not like Microsoft. So many times when we meet they start their usual song about Microsoft and their state of the art (duh!) U/L systems. I always let them. Somehow U/L people are a bit uncertain and need to talk about systems they do not understand. They love to dive deep into systems while MODERN systems do it for YOU and way much better so you can focus on the things that really matter :).

But the installation procedure of the Opalis Operator Console has really given me so MUCH ammo! I mean, installing the SCOM (R2) Web Console is a piece of cake. Just a couple of mouse clicks, and TADA! The OpsMgr Web Console is installed AND functional. In the background many issues/tasks have been taken out of the hands of the person installing the application. As it should.

How different is the installation of the Opalis Operator Console. First, one has to visit many obscure websites in order to get all the needed files (16 in total!). Some sites are easy to navigate but other websites are a bit of a challenge in order to obtain the correct file. When all the needed files are downloaded one has to install, unpack, copy, move and edit many files in order to get the Opalis Operator Console operational! It is good Opalis has been acquired by Microsoft. Can’t wait until the Opalis Operator Console is fully IIS and .NET Framework based…

Phew! I got it out my system! Needed that! :)

Now the issue which I encountered today: I could NOT logon to the Opalis Operator Console. No matter what I tried, this is what i got: ‘The username or password you have entered is not correct. Transaction failed’:

I checked everything: the SQL server involved, TCP settings of the SQL server, the port (1433), the firewalls, the account being used. I even removed the Opalis Operator Console and reinstalled it again. All to no avail. Reread the Opalis installation guide and double checked everything, but no way I could get in. Almost started to think about a Kerberos Double-hop issue :).

Time to take a deeper dive into JBoss and the other components. So first I stopped it and removed the two log files (boot.log and server.log), found in <JBOSS>\server\default\log, (where <JBOSS> refers to location where JBOSS is installed. In my situation it’s c:\JBOSS):

I restarted JBoss in order to get clean log files. After JBoss became fully operational I opened the log file server.log and started to search for strange issues.

Hmm. This is what I found: ‘Caused by: This driver is not configured for integrated authentication.’:

I had altered the related file for the database connection (opalis-ds.xml) in such a way it refers to the correct SQL server and database (Opalis) and to use integrated security. Normally it should work.

So time to start a search on the internet and this blog told me what was happening. So I searched for the file sqljdbc_auth.dll on the server hosting the Opalis Operator Console, found it in the folder <JBOSS>\bin and copied it to the folder C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_04\bin. I stopped JBoss, deleted the two log files and started JBoss again.

I checked the log file server.log and first thing I noticed was its size. Much smaller! Less errors perhaps?

And no more errors to be found. Nice. So lets start the Opalis Operator Console and log on to it:

So finally I cracked it! Took me some time though, but none the less, I cracked it! :) Thanks to the Microsoft JDBC Driver Team Blog of course.

Can’t wait to meet my U/L friends again and ask them whether they have ever heard how easy it is to install the SCOM (R2) Web Console…


John Bradshaw said...

Nice one!! Ha!!

Unknown said...

Good job - you helped me to solve the same problem!!

Marcus Oh said...

good one, marnix.