Friday, May 28, 2010

SCOM R2: System Center Core Reporting bug

Bumped into this one yesterday. First some explanations are at order.

With SCOM R2 and the latest Core MP for SCOM R2 new reports have been added. These reports tell you much about SCOM R2 itself is doing or better, how the imported MPs are running.

Normally when one of these two reports are run, ALL MPs are shown. But not yesterday. Only the UNSEALED MPs were shown:

This happened in the customers environment but in one of mine test environments as well.

So I contacted some people at Microsoft. And they told me it is a confirmed bug. They are working on a permanent solution and for now a workaround is available. It is posted on the Microsoft TechNet Forums for SCOM, the whole thread is to be found here. Below the steps which need to be taken in order to make this report run as it should:

  • Close all windows of the Operations Console;
  • Open the "Region and Language" control panel applet;
  • On the "Formats" tab change your "Format" to "English (United States)";
  • Open the Operations Console and then the reports and the MP list should work as expected.

NOTE: Once you've opened the operations console you should be able to change your "format" back.

And indeed, the workaround makes the reports running as they should. The SEALED MPs are to be found now as well:

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