Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Opalis Operator Console installation

Even though the Opalis installation package contains good documentation about how to install all needed Opalis components (Opalis_Integration_Server-Administrator_Guide.pdf, which I already blogged about), Microsoft has added some good documentation of their own as well.

How ever, last week-end I noticed that the pdf ‘Opalis Integration Server Deployment Overview’, provided by Microsoft describing the installation of the Opalis components contains some ‘bugs’. This document is actually a compressed edition of the Opalis_Integration_Server-Administrator_Guide.pdf, in order to get your Opalis (test) environment quickly up & running.

The guide does a good job, but the part which describes the installation of the Opalis Operator Console (pages 13 to 16) is not up to specs. It contains some omissions which could result in a not fully functional Opalis Operator Console.

Therefore when you are about to install the Opalis Operator Console, it is better to use the guide provided by Opalis: Opalis_Integration_Server-Administrator_Guide.pdf. Pages 30 to 35 of that guide describe everything you need to know. This blog posting of mine tells you where to find that guide.

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