Friday, November 7, 2014

Cisco UCS MP Issue: Not All UCS Systems Are Covered By SCOM

A customer of mine has multiple Cisco UCS systems. However, only one was Discovered and monitored by SCOM 2012x. The others were not discovered thus not monitored.

As it turns out, the UCS MP requires a Run As Account and uses that Run As Account in a related Run As Profile. Per Cisco UCS systems one Run As Profile is required. For the first Cisco UCS system the Run As Profile was properly configured. But for the other Cisco UCS systems the related Run As Profiles were empty.

By adding the proper Run As Account to the Run As Profiles for the related Cisco UCS systems, these systems were properly discovered and monitored as well.

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Unknown said...

Are you using the newest UCS managementpack?
we had to remove the 6.X version due to memory leaks, have you had any issues with the 7.X version?