Tuesday, November 4, 2014

One Million: A Magic Number

The beginning
When I started blogging at the end of 2008 I never expected to gain that much traction. However, things started out small and now – on a daily basis – my blog gets between 900 and 1100 visitors on normal working days, depending on the postings I write. And even in the weekends my blog gets an average of 250+ visitors per weekend day.

Humble & grateful
These are awesome numbers and makes me humble. Since all I do is sharing my experiences from the trenches with SCOM and lately with SCCM as well. It’s YOU, the visitor who decides to visit my blog and spend your valuable time. Not only to read my postings but also to comment. And because of those comments I learned a lot which I use on a daily basis. So I say thank you all.

On top of it all I made many new friends, all around the world. UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal. But also further from Europe, like China, USA, Russia, New Zealand and Austria. Some of those people moved on and with others even a friendship came to be. So this makes me even more grateful.

And today I noticed that my blog has passed the magic number of One Million visitors:

Now and later
Even though it’s sometimes hard to find time to write new postings, I still have a lot of things to share with the community. So I won’t stop blogging. Ever. Format and focus might change of my blog, but blogging is what I do and I won’t stop with it as long as the blog gets enough visitors. Since that tells me whether what I do is relevant and makes sense and a difference.

A BIG thanks to YOU as a visitor of my blog
But seriously, all the credits go to YOU, as a visitor of my blog. Without you I would have stopped blogging some years ago. As long as you keep visiting my blog and sending your comments, I’ll keep on going, pushing the envelope, trying to find the perfect balance between work, private life and blogging. Many times it’s a challenge but tempting none the less.

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