Monday, November 3, 2014

SCOM 2012 R2: UR#4 Is Out!

Last week Microsoft released UR#4 for SCOM 2012 R2, to be found here, KB2992020.

Issues which are fixed:

  1. Issue 1
    It takes many minutes for the Microsoft.Windows.CheckNTServiceStateMonitorType function to determine that the service is down.
  2. Issue 2
    An attempt to apply sensitivity rules fails, and you receive an error message.
  3. Issue 3
    GSM locations are geotagged incorrectly on Map Widget.
  4. Issue 4
    The MonitoringHost.exe process issues too many calls to System Center Failover Clustering.
  5. Issue 5
    The re-synchronization of all managed entities from Operations Manager to the Operations Manager Data Warehouse database causes duplicate entries, and an exception that resembles the following is thrown.
  6. Issue 6
    If data is truncated and is in Terminal status to a workflow, event ID 31551 is logged, and an exception is thrown.
  7. Issue 7
    An arithmetic overflow error occurs, and an exception is thrown.
  8. Issue 8
    You experience poor performance when Operations Manager searches for attributes. Additionally, when doing more than one search in a row, the cache file (momcache.mdb) keeps increasing.
  9. Issue 9
    SCX agent generates lots of warnings in the log file when a user is using Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux).
  10. Issue 10
    By default, the Rpcimap monitor for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is disabled.

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