Monday, November 10, 2014

Cross Post: Notification Emails For Certain Alerts Only Contained {2} For Subject & Alert Name

All credits go to Oleg Kapustin for this posting. He’s the one who made the deep dive in order to find the true cause of this issue and also came up with two workarounds. Awesome job Oleg!!!

Last week when I published my blog posting about the latest & greatest Exchange Server 2013 MP, one reader told me that he had issues with the email notifications sent out for this MP: ‘…All of the notification emails for these alerts only contained {2} for the Subject and Alert Name…’

As it turns out, this is NOT an issue related to the Exchange 2013 MP but has everything to do with an issue (bug?) in the SCOM Notification Engine, as described here.

Gladly I know a lot of good people in the SCOM Community, one of them being Oleg Kapustin. So I contacted him about this issue. He investigated it AND decided to write a new posting for his blog about this issue and to describe two workarounds for it.

Want to know more? Go here.

Anyone running the latest and greatest Exchange Server 2013 MP should read Oleg’s posting.

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