Thursday, April 9, 2009

Computer Verification: Module Error & EventID 11551 in the OpsMgr eventlog

When one starts the Discovery Wizard of SCOM in order to push new SCOM Agents to servers/clients and the Automatic Computer Discovery method is being used, Warnings will almost certainly pop-up in the SCOM Console with the alert: Computer Verification: Module Error.

With a reasonable sized AD hundreds of these warnings can be raised. The Alert Description will be like:
Computer verification failure for Machine Name: is 0x800706BA. The RPC Server is unavailable
When one looks into the OpsMgr eventlog of the RMS, many events with EventID 11551, Source Health Service Modules will be found.

Eventhough it seems very alarming, nothing is actually wrong. What happens is that SCOM scans the AD and every computerobject found which matches the query stated in the Discovery Wizard, SCOM will try to contact.

Many clients though will be offline so they cannot be reached. So for every time this happens, the earlier mentioned warning will be raised and an event with EventID 11551 in the OpsMgr eventlog of the RMS will be logged.

So these Alerts can be closed. But perhaps it is better to use one of those Alerts to set an override so whenever this happens again, not a Warning will raised but an Informational Alert. This way the SCOM Console will stay much nicer to look at instead of many many yellow ‘flags’ lighten it up.

See screendump about how to change this setting:

Save these settings into a NEW MP with a logical name like Overrides Computer Verification Module Error. This way the override is easy to be found.

Closing the Alerts with PowerShell
When there are so many Alerts in the Console it is better to use PS to close them. With a one-liner found here (*) this can be done easily.

(* : Read the comments on the page of this link since it contains important information.)


Dominique said...


I have this exact symptom after these steps:
1.Machines working with SCOM Agents
2.Machines put in Maintenance Mode
3. Machine Rebuilts with a different Operating System
4. Launch a Discovery which works but the Agent install failed with the error 8000706A

Any way to clean this?


How to stop these messages and

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Dom

Thanks for visiting my blog. Do you mean you have some servers with a SCOM Agent installed, put these servers in MM and run an inplace upgrade of the server OS?

When such a scenario is the case I would recommend to remove the SCOM Agent first and reinstall it after the server OS has been upgraded.

Marnix Wolf