Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SCOM R2 RC: Overrides

Until now - SCOM SP1 level that is - it is hard to find where all the overrides on imported MPs are. In SCOM there is no simple way to find these. It can be done in PS or one can run certain queries on the OpsMgr database but that's about it.

Also - thanks to Stefan Stranger for reminding me - a report can be run showing the overrides. But until now I haven't found it to be very useful so that's probably why I forgot it... :)

So it was a good thing Boris Yanushpolsky made the tool Override Exlorer, to be found here.

This tool does what its name implies: it shows all the overrides applied on the imported MPs and on top of things, one can move an override into another unsealed MP.

However, SCOM R2 has now the ability to show the applied overrides in the SCOM Console. This view can be found in the Authoring pane under Management Pack Objects. This view can also be adjusted to fit one's needs. See screendump:

Until now I haven't found the ability to move overrides from one unsealed MP to another, but the good news is that Boris tool Override Explorer still works in SCOM R2! :)


Stefan Stranger said...

Hi Marnix,
You can easily see all Overrides in the Overrides Report.

But I agree I also use Boris' Override Explorer ;-)

Stefan Stranger

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Stefan,

You are right about that report. However until now I haven't found it to be very useful. Override Explorer is THE tool. :)

But I should have noted it in my blogposting. I will correct it.

Thanks for keeping me sharp.