Friday, October 16, 2009

Installation experiences with OpsMgr R2 Cross Platform Update

The OpsMgr R2 Cross Platform Update about which I blogged about earlier must be handled like any other OpsMgr Software Update/Hotfix. This is the deal:
  • RTFM
    I know, until you run the msi-file, there isn’t a document to be found. As a service I have uploaded the information which is shown when the msi-file is being run. The document (docx format) can be downloaded from here.

  • Windows 2008
    Run the update from an elevated cmd-prompt, other wise it won’t run even though it will report to have run successfully.

  • Patience
    It is a rather bulky update so be patient while running it. All the screens being shown during the setup are needed. I say this since with other updates people complained about why having to run the msi-file containing the update and only found to be presented with a screen showing the option to run the update.
    Why not skip that and run the update straight off? Kevin Holman has already blogged about it so I will repeat him here:
    Screen taken from Kevin Holman’s blog posting about Hotfixes.


  • Taken from the document describing this update:

  • The UnixAgents folder get’s updated:

  • A new MP for SLES is added:

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