Friday, December 11, 2009

Error message when uploading ACS Reports to SRS instance: CreateSRSDataSource: Exception Invalid URI: The URI scheme is not valid...

Bumped into this one today. Felt a ‘bit’ stupid afterwards when I found the cause, since I have installed ACS a couple of times before, but somehow I don’t seem to remember this pitfall.
Character ‘Andy’ from Little Britain.

So with this posting I hope to make it stick.

This is the deal:
When uploading the ACS Reports to the SRS instance the document tells you to do this:

Notice the yellow high lights above since that will cause the command to go wrong:

And the error message CreateSRSDataSource: Exception Invalid URI: The URI scheme is not valid... is born.

So don’t take the document to literally and leave the quotes out:

Now all is well:


Ryan Taylor said...

Thank you a million times. After reading several posts and lots of people who had the same issue I was more than a little frustrated.

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Ryan,

thanks for visting my blog and your comment. I have been bumping my head into this issue some times before so I decided to share this experience in order to avoid this pitfall in the future.


kittenstix said...

derp, I just did the same thing. Thanks for posting.

marwat said...

I tried this but getting the same error.
My DCSERVER and Reports server are on sepearate server with SEparate instances.
SQLCUSTER\Instance1, DBs are locared on SQL CLUSTER instance 1.
Reporting SErvices are on sepearte server with sepeate instance MSSQLSERVER.
Getting the same error again and again with quotes and without quotes.