Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kris does it again: Public Beta of the xSNMP MP Suite to be released soon!

In September 2009 Kristopher Bash (aka Kris Bash) released the free Cisco MP built by himself, licensed under the GNU Public License. A great MP it is. Yes, it contains some area’s which need additional attention, but still it is a very respectful piece of work.

Very soon after the release of that MP Kris told me that he is working on another MP. Also targeted at SNMP enabled devices but more generic and vendor specific.

No! I am not talking rubbish here.

First there is a root MP, named the xSNMP MP. The other MPs from the same Suite depend on that root MP and are vendor specific. Just take a look how this Suite presents itself in the OpsMgr UI in the Monitoring pane:

(Screenshot taken from the blog of Kris Bash.)

Want to know more? Visit the blog run by Kris himself. There he explains this MP Suite in much more detail. All I can say that it looks very promising and of a very high level of quality.

Great work Kris! Thanks so much.

It is good to see that many OpsMgr professionals are delivering free MPs of such a good quality. There are already other free MPs out there which are really very good. To name a few:

  1. OpsLogix free Ping MP
    This company has already built some great MPs, like the one for monitoring Black Berry Enterprise (BES) environments or the Capacity MP which helps companies ‘predict’ the future by running trend analyses on the data present in the Data Warehouse. With their free Ping MP OpsLogix supports the community around OpsMgr. It is a great MP which I have used at multiple customer sites. Works great! 

    To be expected from OpsLogix as well is a free Print MP. I am very curious about it. Don’t know when it will be released. Xmas is a good time for such a present :) …

  2. PKI Certification Verification MP
    Many companies do have many certificates in place. But how to keep track of them in order to know whether the certificates are still valid? This MP does it all. To be found here. It can be a real life saver.

I know their are many more free MPs out there. When you know a free MP which is just as good as the MPs mentioned in this blog posting, let me know and I will update this posting.

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