Friday, June 4, 2010

Holiday – Vacance – Urlaub – Vakantie – Semester – праздник - Maintenance Mode

For the next three weeks this blog will be silent since I will be enjoying HOLIDAY! :)

Thanks everybody for visiting this blog and all your comments which keep me sharp. With Opalis and the future versions of SCOM there will more than enough to blog about.

For now and the next three weeks I will put myself and my blog into Maintenance Mode:


Matthijs Vreeken said...

Fijne vakantie.. Have Fun! Matthijs

Marnix Wolf said...


John Bradshaw said...

Hey Marnix, When did u take that picture of my backyard? :)
John Bradshaw

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi John.

At the wrong moment since you were not at home. Otherwise I could have enjoyed some real Aussie beers :)