Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SCOM R2 CU#3 installation issue: ‘Warning 25362. Failed to start OMCFG service.’

12-10- 2010 Update: Kevin Holman and Graham Davies – among others – pointed out that the KB mentioned in this blog posting is also added to the Known Issues section of CU#3, KB2251525. Somehow I overlooked it.

Got this message while installing a clean SCOM R2 environment based on W2K08 R2, SQL 2008 Std x64 CU#7. The Management Group is based upon a RMS, 1x MS and a dedicated SQL server for hosting the SCOM R2 DBs and hosting the SSRS instance for the Reporting component.

The installation of all components went fine. No issue what so ever. Time to install CU#3 on the RMS and then the issues started. Somehow the first of three installations did not finish and this message box was shown:

When I clicked OK the installation rolled back and I was back to square one.

Checked the authorizations but they were just right. Also used an elevated cmd-prompt so that could not be the issue here.

I rebooted the RMS, retried CU#3, same issue. Removed the RMS, rebooted the server, reinstalled the RMS, installed CU#2 first. All was just fine. Deployed CU#2 on all SCOM R2 Management Servers, rebooted every single server and tried CU#3 again.

Bummer! Again the same issue occurred. Added an additional CPU to the RMS, checked the available RAM (6 GB) so no worries there. Tried CU#3 again, but to no avail.

So I opened the log of this CU (located in folder %temp%, KB2251525-x64-ENU_x.log) and checked it. But it contains tons of information, so where to start? I tried to find the cause of it all but couldn’t find it.

Now it was time to contact my fellow MVPs and ask them whether they had any idea. Soon the answer came from Alexey Zhuravlev. In the log, which I had attached to the mail message, he found this entry: ‘WaitForServiceState: Failed to get service state within time limits. Error Code: 0x80070102’:

Based on that entry he referred to KB922918, which is about services timing out, causing all kind of issues. Even though the KB article is about Windows 2003 servers, I gave it a shot and added the regkey as mentioned in the same KB article:

Rebooted the RMS and started (again) the CU#3 msi file. It took a long time to end and during every single MSI file this message appeared:

But when I pressed the OK button, the Setup continued and kicked off the other MSI files as well! And finally I got this message:


So whenever you bump into this issue, try the above mentioned KB. Add the regkey, reboot the server and start CU#3 again. It helped me.

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