Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blog stats of 2010

So 2010 is definitely over now and 2011 is in full swing.

Time for a small review about that year in relation to this blog. So I pulled some statistics in order to get an insight view about how this blog performed in 2010. Some information:

  1. Total amount of visits
    In 2010 the blog had 127,729 visits! Wow! Never ever expected that my blog would get so much attention. THANK YOU everybody.

  2. Total amount of visitors
    The blog got a total of 61,803 visitors.

  3. Total amount of Pageviews
    Whoops! A shiny total of 194,885. Nice!

  4. New postings and comments
    In 2010 I wrote 304 new postings and got about 118 comments.

  5. Top Ten Most Visiting Countries

  6. Top Ten Most Referring Sites

  7. Top Ten Unique Page Views

This is just a small part of all the statistics about my blog. But impressive they are more over when you know that the blog is being run by solely by me. However, without the input from the community I would not have the energy and drive as it is now.

So again, THANK YOU ALL for spending your time on my blog and all your comments. After all, this blog is meant for the community and not for myself (even though I must admit I use it as my online knowledge base). I am nothing more but a tool, the blog itself the means and SCOM the product it’s all about, meant to aid the community in using SCOM in a better way. Looking at the numbers it looks like I am succeeding in that approach. Nice!

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