Monday, January 24, 2011

Dell & Microsoft

Long time ago, when I just had started this blog, I didn’t like the efforts of Dell for System Center. But much has changed!

The latest Dell MP is a good showcase about how mature Dell has become with SCOM and its willingness to learn & listen. Of course, like any other MPs there is always room for improvement. But still the latest Dell MP is really good.

As it turns out, Microsoft and Dell are gaining momentum when it comes down to integrating Dell’s products with System Center. A video has been published in which Brad Anderson, CVP of the Management & Security Division, interviews Laurie Tolson, Vice President of Systems Management at Dell.

They also discuss Dell's solution for Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track, Microsoft's set of programs for private cloud deployment. And believe me, the cloud is coming. There is much cloud washing going on, but that doesn’t mean EVERYTHING is just vapor…

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