Tuesday, August 23, 2011

EventID 26319: An exception was thrown while processing GetStateByManagedEntitiesAndMonitorsAndLanguage

Funny. Thought had seen it all of EventID 26319. I already blogged about it in detail, to be found here.

But now the Description was totally different: ‘An exception was thrown while processing GetStateByManagedEntitiesAndMonitorsAndLanguage for session id uuid:b91bbcd2-1611-4404-a9b3-97437c03dfe0;id=3’.

And this event was logged three to six times in a row, per 90 seconds. So the OpsMgr event log of the RMS really looked alarming. Filled with errors.

So time to investigate.

How the West was won :)
Especially this part ‘GetStateByManagedEntitiesAndMonitorsAndLanguage’ of the description was new to me. Seemed almost like a localization issue to me. And yes, the RMS, MS and SQL servers are running on Dutch Format and Location settings. But I have seen many other customers running their SCOM environment with the same settings and WITHOUT these errors.

So that couldn’t be the issue, unless in this particular situation a MP is in place which isn’t used very often by other customers. A quick scan revealed to me that the KMS (Key Management Service) MP is in place. This MP isn’t used very often.

Besides that I am not very charmed of this MP either. It’s very basic so it can be replaced easily by a couple service and process Monitors as well. After having discussed it with my customer I removed the MP.

Soon the EventIDs 26319 were gone. So somehow the KMS MP doesn’t like Dutch localization settings :).

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