Wednesday, March 30, 2011

EventID 26319: Exception thrown while processing GetTasksByCriteria

This posting is all about EventID 26319 which is shown in the OpsMgr event log of the RMS.

I’ve seen this error many times in the past with SCOM RTM/SP1 based environments in conjunction with Windows 2003 DCs and domains which were on Windows 2000 mixed functional level. In cases the issue was solved easily by following the procedure in KB331951.

But this bug isn’t gone at all. In SCOM R2 environments, on the latest CU level and placed in Windows 2008 based domains/forests, this error message is still there. And the earlier mentioned KB331951 doesn’t help here.

It happens for users who have been assigned the Read-Only Operators Role in SCOM. When users like these have the SCOM Console open and a new Alert is shown, the above mentioned EventID is shown in the OpsMgr event log.

Some searching on the internet showed that other people were affected by the same bug as well and even a bug report had been filed about it. But that bug report isn’t to be found anymore.

So I filed a new bug report, to be found here. When you’re affected by this bug, please vote so the more change it gets to be addressed.


jeff said...

Affects me, but the bug is no longer availiable.

Found a solution?

Contact me at

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Jeff,

Nope, didn't find a solution. The bug isn't solved but closed none the less because the team has other priorities.