Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Savision Live Maps Beta 2 for OM12 is available

For some weeks now the second beta of Savision Live Maps for OM12 RC is publicly available. I have installed it in one of the OM12 RC LAB environments (since the product is beta it’s advised not to install it in a OM12 RC environment which runs under the TAP program!) and it works perfectly. For now I can’t really say anything has changed under the hood.

Which is basically good since it enables one to export the Maps created in earlier versions of Savision Live Maps. In a posting soon to come I’ll tell you how to do that.

When you have OM12 RC running in a lab environment I advice you to install Savision Live Maps Beta 2 as well. Since this software really adds so much value to your OM12 environment, even with the new Widgets and Dashboard functionality by default present in OM12. Now you can test drive migrations from Savision Live Maps SCOM R2 environments to OM12 environments.

For download go here and select the last option (highlighted in yellow):

One has to enter some information like a valid email address and the name of the OM12 RC MG. After that one can start the download and install it in a couple of seconds.

Beta 1 is actually Beta 2…
Since it’s a beta product there are still many things under construction. When one double clicks the file LiveMapsV6_BETA2.exe, this screen will be shown:
But don’t let it fool you. It’s really Beta 2.

When all components are installed and one opens the Live Maps Authoring Console, it will still show the Beta 1 text. However, pay attention to the version number which tells it’s Beta 2:

Beta 1 has version number and was valid until 31st of December 2011. Beta 2 expires on the 1st of March 2012.

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