Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Addendum MP for the Active Directory MP, version 6.0.7670.0

Jimmy Harper, a PFE for SCOM has posted on his blog an addendum for the AD MP, version 6.0.7670.0.

As it turns out this version of the AD MP has some broken Rules, that alert on events in the System and Application Event Log on Windows Server 2008 Domain Controllers, and some Rules that alert on events in the Application log on Windows Server 2003 Domain Controllers.

The team responsible for the AD MP are aware of this issue and will fix it in the next version of the AD MP. For now, when you’re running version 6.0.7670.0 of the AD MP you’ll need the addendum as well which can be downloaded from the blog of Jimmy Harper, to be found here.

When you’re running any older version of the AD MP you’ll need ALSO an other addendum, to be found here. Basically meaning you have to install TWO addendums.

Perhaps time to update the MP itself to version 6.0.7670.0 thus requiring only one addendum? Glimlach

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Richard Kinser said...

wish there was some explanation of exactly what was broken and what this fixes.