Thursday, January 12, 2012

OM12: What does the RMSE (Root Management Server Emulator) do?

The last few days an intense and very interesting discussion has been going on with the product teams of OM12 and the SCOM MVPs. It all started with this question my fellow (and much respected) MVP Cameron Fuller asked: What does the RSME (Root Management Server Emulator) actually do?

Soon a whole new mail thread came to be where many of us shared their thoughts, insights and (mis)understandings. Gladly the product team of OM12 explained the whole matter, with the backup of some SCOM MVPs who also knew exactly what the RMSE does and doesn’t do.

Cameron Fuller collected all the information, double checked it, rewrote some parts of it and checked the end result with the whole team. When they gave their green light on it, Cameron posted it on his blog.

So for every one who wants to know what the RSME does and doesn’t do, this posting tells you all there is to know.

And this is why I love being an MVP: You have direct contact with the product teams AND the other MVPs who really know so much. No matter how complicated something might seem, there is always somebody with an answer!

Thank you!

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