Thursday, July 5, 2012

New System Center products, new blog style!

For some time now I wanted an overhaul of my blog style. Took me some time since I didn’t want to loose the dynamic template of my blog. However, as time went by and the new System Center 2012 components became general available, it became apparent I had to do something about it. So after long thinking and testing I decided to say goodbye to the dynamic template and go for the static.

So for the last few weeks I have worked in the evenings in order to find the right style for my blog. I even used a Wacom look-a-like tablet in order to design the new background! All that time I told no one about it, in order to keep it sharp.

Yesterday evening (and night!) I set everything ready and tested it (again) in order to know for sure all’s well. And finally I gave it the green light.

Since many of my readers are US based I waited for them to ‘wake up’ before enabling the new style of my blog. Personally I am very proud of it. Has a new look & feel and also introduces the Metro style interface of Windows 8. And shows the new logo of the System Center 2012 product as well.

Of course, good ideas are never born on it self. Like this one I had some good sources of inspiration like this posting of my fellow MVP Cleber Marques who created some cool desktop wallpapers based on the System Center 2012 logo and the Metro interface. I hope Cleber doesn’t mind I used his wallpaper as the main source of inspiration for the background of my blog.

Let me know what you think about it, and when you have some comments please tell me why you think so. After all, this blog isn’t about me but for the community so it must be an accessible and easy to read blog.


Kevin Greene said...

Looks cool Marnix - nice change :)


Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your feedback.