Monday, July 30, 2012

Update Rollup 2 for SC2012 is released

For more then a week now UR#2 for SC2012 (and therefore for OM12 as well) is released.

Want to know more about UR#2 for SC2012? Go here. For more information about UR#2 for OM12 go here. For a detailed installation guide about installing UR#2 one can use this posting of Kevin Holman (even though it’s about installing UR#1, the procedure is exactly the same).

Remark I
Even though the RU#2 OM12 KB article states the MPs aren’t updated that isn’t true: These MPBs (Management Pack Bundles) are higher versions:

  • Microsoft.SystemCenter.Visualization.Library.mpb
  • Microsoft.SystemCenter.WebApplicationSolutions.Library.mpb

Remark II
Every latest RU contains the previous RUs as well, as stated in this posting by the OM12 engineering team:

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