Thursday, March 28, 2013

SCOM 2012 Sizing Helper: Updated Or Not?

Got this question from a couple of readers of my blog. They found this webpage of the Download Center of Microsoft.

Besides the MP for monitoring JEE (Java Enterprise Edition), it also offers the SCOM 2012 Sizing Helper. This is a good tool and I use it every time when I have to design a new OM12 environment or run a health check for an existing OM12 environment.

They asked me whether it’s an updated version or the ‘old’ version, 1.0. So I downloaded it, checked some items and IMHO, it’s still version 1.0:


On itself nothing wrong here since it’s simply a good tool. And a long time ago – before I worked in IT – I learned this: Better is the enemy of good. In other words: when something is good and functional why replace it?

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