Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SharePoint Server 2013 MP: Useful Links & Posts

Since I had some challenges about getting the SharePoint 2013 MP to function properly, I scavenged the internet. And when I noticed there wasn’t much to be found, I decided to write some postings about this MP myself.

This posting is an aggregation of these postings and other useful links I found on the internet while I was taming the SharePoint Server 2013 MP.

  1. Configuring the SharePoint 2010 MP
    This is a Microsoft KB and aimed at configuring (read: troubleshooting Smile with tongue out) the SharePoint 2010 MP. Since the SharePoint Server 2013 is almost a one on one copy of this MP, this KB contains good information for anyone running the SharePoint Server 2013 MP.

  2. Advanced Troubleshooting of the SharePoint 2010 MP
    Even though this posting is aimed at troubleshooting the SharePoint 2010 AND the described solution DOESN’T WORK FOR THE SHAREPOINT SERVER 2013 MP, it’s an excellent blue print for how to troubleshoot an unresponsive SharePoint MP.

  3. Troubleshooting SharePoint Server 2013 MP
    Describes why the SharePoint Server 2013 MP is unresponsive and how to solve it.

  4. Configure SharePoint Management Pack Task fails with error
    Describes the failing of the Task Configure SharePoint Management Pack and how to solve it.

  5. Monitoring the SharePoint databases
    Describes how to enable monitoring of the SharePoint databases by the SharePoint MP and how to configure the ConnectionString per SharePoint database.

Hopefully these links will assist you in making the SharePoint Server 2013 MP function properly.

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