Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Veeam MP For Monitoring VMware Version 6.0

Just a couple of days before I went to MMS 2013, I installed the Veeam MP for monitoring VMware version 5.7 for a customer. Only to get the same evening an e-mail from Veeam telling me they had just released the newest version, 6.0!

So the next day I had to upgrade the Veeam MP from version 5.7 to version 6.0, even though it wasn’t even 24 hours in place Smile.

The upgrade went smooth and no issues at all. Except for the license file. The license file is targeted at version 5.x and isn’t accepted by version 6.0. But after filing a case on the website of Veeam it was solved pretty soon.

When you want to know the differences between the latest version of the MP go here and you’ll get all the information you need. Much has changed!

Changes which really jump out are:

  1. The Veeam MP consists now out of a whole set of MPs which must be imported;
  2. The name nWorks is dropped, replaced by the name Veeam;
  3. The configuration of the VIC is fully automated now, so no more need to kick of a Task manually;
  4. The name of the components are changed;
  5. The look & feel of the UI is totally revamped;
  6. New reports are added;
  7. Capacity Management is extended.

Even though many things have changed one thing remains the same: the high level of quality. Not only for the build but also for the documentation. Veeam has raised the bar even more.

When I am back in the Netherlands I will blog more about this latest version of this MP.

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