Monday, May 6, 2013

Savision Fix For OM12 SP1 UR#2 Web Console Bug

Since the 3rd of May Savision has released updated versions of the Savision Live Maps Summary Widget MPs. These MPs resolve the issue as described in this blog posting of mine.

The related blog posting will be updated to reflect the fix.

Compliments to the team of Savision. I contacted them about my findings and they thanked me for it. They also told me they were already working hard on a solution since they knew about the issue before I contacted them and were working around the clock for a fix. On top of it all they sent me the fix before it became publicly available, in order to run a final test against it so they knew for sure the fix works.

This is the way I like to see it: direct and open communications all aimed at the same target: to make a product work as intended. So thank you Savision!

The updated MPs can be downloaded from here.

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