Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cross Post: SQL Server 2012 Monitoring: Two Issues To Reckon With

When monitoring SQL Server 2012 instances (and databases of course) there are two things to reckon with:

  1. SQL 2012 DB Engine group does not contain all SQL servers
    Kevin Holman blogged about this issue which happens when you apply SP1 to your SQL Server 2012 servers. The same posting tells you all need to know: the cause and the solution (an addendum to the existing SQL Server MP which can be downloaded from the same location).

  2. Event 4001 in the Operations Manager log during SQL Server 2012 monitoring
    When you are monitoring a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 computer that has the System Center 2012 Operations Manager agent installed, you notice that event 4001 is logged in the Operations Manager log.

    KB2962161 tells you the cause and how to fix it as well.

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