Tuesday, May 13, 2014

SCC Health Check Reports Error: Query Execution Failed For Dataset 'OperationsManagerAll'

If there is one community effort I really appreciate AND use in ALL SCOM 2007/2012x environments, it’s the SCC Health Check Reports MP. Even though it’s written for SCOM 2007 these Reports still do their work for SCOM 2012 R2 based environments and older versions.

However, this time I bumped into a particular error. The required dataset (for the connection to the OpsMgr database) OperationalDataBaseMain was made and successfully tested. And in this case it required the option Credentials stored securely in the report server in order to get these reports working.

But still, nothing to get excited about. And all Reports seem to work until someone tried to run the Report Misc - Infrastructure Overview (OM). Instead of getting a proper report this error was thrown: Query execution failed for dataset 'OperationsManagerAll':

But wait! Dataset ‘OperationsManagerAll’? This dataset isn’t present on the SCOM 2012 R2 Report Server. Nor is it needed by any other rollout of this MP. So something else is at play here.

Time to get more information. Let’s run the same report but now directly from the Report Server itself, hoping to get a better error message without having to enable remote errors. This is what I got:

Okay, that’s better. So the account used in the configuration of the new dataset (OperationalDataBaseMain) didn’t have ALL the required permissions in order to run this Report.

After some discussions it was decided to use another SCOM service account for that purpose, which has more permissions on the Operational database. And after this modification, this Report runs like clock work.

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