Thursday, September 17, 2015

Updated MP: OpsMgr Self Maintenance MP Version

Yesterday the king of MP authoring, Tao Yang released an updated version of the OpsMgr Self Maintenance MP, version

And (again) I am VERY impressed. The previous version was already awesome and something which should be PRESENT in ANY SCOM 2012x environment, but this update even got better. Besides some bug fixes it contains new features as well.

Please be advised to READ the guide of this MP from cover to back.
Since good tuning/configuration is required in order to get the most out of it.
Therefore RTFM is key here.

Even though it might take some time it’s worth the effort since it’s like ‘Set & Forget’. So when the tuning/configuration phase is done, this MP will do what the name tells you: Making SCOM 2012x to maintain itself! Just awesome a MP like this comes for FREE!

Thanks Tao for sharing this totally AWESOME MP with the community!

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