Friday, January 15, 2016

Report Of The First WMUG NL Event 2016: Introduction To OMS Alerting

01-15-2016 Update: As of now the slide deck and recordings of this event can be downloaded from the WMUG NL website.

This evening I joined the first (online) event of the Windows Management User Group Netherlands (WMUG NL), Introduction To OMS Alerting:

This event was presented by Tao Yang, so this session was in very good hands.

After a quick introduction of OMS (available Data Plans, the different Solutions, Log Searches and so on) he quickly moved on the topic of his presentation: Alerting in OMS.

As a ‘warning’ he told the audience that OMS Alerting is still under development (Preview). So what he shows today doesn’t mean it’s still the same when OMS Alerting becomes General Available. Changes are more features will be added whereas existing ones will be improved or extended.

He demonstrated the Solution Change Tracking in order to receive an Alert when a configuration has changed. For this he created – with the help of the UI(!) – a query about the SQL Server Agent service being stopped.

This query he used for OMS Alerting. This way OMS will Alert him when on any server running the SQL Server Agent service is stopped. He showed the schedule for it, the trigger (how many times the query must turn up a result), a time window, subject and recipients.

Then he told more about OMS Alert Remediation. This enables one to create an Azure Automation Runbook to be started automatically when a certains OMS Alert is raised. For this certain requirements must be met:

  • Azure Automation Account;
  • Azure Automation integrated with OMS;
  • Runbooks must be published;
  • Hybrid Workers when targeting on premises infrastructure.

For now you can’t enter Runbook parameters. Perhaps this feature will be added later on by Microsoft. He demonstrated the Runbook, built in the PowerShell ISE, with the Azure Runbook add on. After explaining how the PS script is setup, he showed it in his Azure portal.

He pointed out that when you have a Azure Runbook which is expected to touch on prem based workloads, the related Webhook must be set to Hybrid Worker.

At the end of his presentation Tao showed us to links of his blog, all about OMS Alerting:

It was a good session with some good insights and demonstrations all about OMS Alerting. Gladly the demo devil decided to stay away from this session, so there were no glitches.

A BIG thanks to Tao and WMUG NL for this online event all about OMS Alerting.

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