Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Since I run this blog I’ve posted many articles, most of them about SCOM. Lately however, the total amount of postings has dropped significantly. Not because there isn’t anything to blog about, but simply because I don’t find the right time and mind for it lately.

Reasons are (but not limited to):

  • About to move home
    (Yes! It takes a lot of time & energy in order to get it all right, but I can’t wait);
  • Busy with many good assignments with new challenges
    (Many new projects for new customers going on, which I really like);
  • A lot of studying
    (Back to school it is for me, so I study a lot in the evenings and weekends. Already 4 new certifications have been achieved by me, more are coming!);
  • Reinventing myself with a strong focus on Azure, also involving studying & training;
  • And just enjoying private life besides my work.

Therefore my blog is a bit more silent then people are used to. However, after a few months from now I expect to have found a new balance, thus allowing me to blog more and more again.

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