Wednesday, March 23, 2016

No Exhange Server 2016 MP? But YES!

A customer of mine runs an Exchange Server 2016 environment and uses SCOM 2012 R2 for monitoring their workloads. So they contacted me because they wanted to download the Exchange Server 2016 MP, import it into the MG in order to monitor their brand new Exchange Server 2016 environment.

But… they couldn’t find the MP! The most recent MP they found is the Exchange Server 2013 MP. But where’s the Exchange Server 2016 MP?!

The good news is: the Exchange Server 2013 MP also covers Exchange Server 2016! So when running Exchange Server 2016 and using SCOM 2012x for monitoring your workloads, simply download and import the Exchange Server 2013 MP and be happy!

Even though this MP does a good job, it has an issue with the way it discovers the Exchange Server 2013/2016 instances. Gladly Kevin Holman came along and fixed it with an addendum MP. I strongly advise you to use this addendum MP since it lessens the discovery footprint on all monitored servers considerably.

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