Friday, April 8, 2016

Beware: MP Catalog Contains Old Versions Of SharePoint 2013 MPs

A customer of mine reported an error with their SharePoint Foundation 2013 MP. Somehow it couldn’t upload a Report to the SSRS instance. This Alert was shown in the SCOM Console:

This made me wonder. Since I had seen this error in the past, related to an OLD version of the SharePoint Server/Foundation 2013 MP. But this bug had been fixed in later releases of these MPs…

Time to investigate
So I asked what version they used. And to my surprise, they used the old version (15.0.4420.1017). They told me they downloaded it from the MP Catalog, accessible from the SCOM Console. And indeed, this OLDER version (with the bug!) is offered by the MP Catalog:

When you look at the normal TechNet download pages for these MPs, they contain the latest version (15.0.4557.1000):

SharePoint Foundation 2013 MP:

SharePoint Server 2013 MP:

Whenever needing the SharePoint Server 2013 MPs, DO NOT use the MP Catalog. I’ve already notified Microsoft about it. When it’s solved I’ll update this posting accordingly.

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