Thursday, April 28, 2016

SQL MP: No Pain, No Gain. But NOT Anymore!

Wh00t! For many years I am a follower of the blog written by Kevin Holman. This blog is a HUGE resource for in-depth information about SCOM and has aided me in resolving many issues. It also helped me to get my own blog on a good level.

So yesterday I was more than happy to find a nagging issue to be resolved. This is all about the SQL MP.

On one side I really love this MP since it shows what SCOM can do for any environment, but in the same time it can be a pain in the preverbal backside in order to get it up and running.

Why? Because you need to configure the Run As Accounts in a proper manner. Without it, no SCOM monitoring of your SQL instances and related workloads. It always took a lot of time to get the SQL MP configured properly and many times involved many talks and even discussions…

But those days are GONE! Thanks to Kevin AND a colleague of his, Ralph Kyttle! Awesome!

So whenever you run SCOM AND the SQL MP is imported, go to his blog and read the posting all about how they solved this nagging issue!

A BIG thanks to Kevin and Ralph!

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