Friday, February 3, 2017

Savision Webinar: ‘Passport To SCOM 2016’

On Tuesday, February 21st - 10 AM EST (US) | 4 PM CET (EU) Savision will host a webinar, all about SCOM 2016.

These topics will be addressed:

  • The differences between SCOM 2012 R2 vs SCOM 2016
  • Management Packs
  • Demos
  • Customer feedback
  • The roadmap of SCOM 2016, and more!

The line up of presenters is pretty impressive:

  1. Mahesh Narayanan, Microsoft Product Manager for SCOM;
  2. Damian Flynn, Principal Consultant at Lumagate and Microsoft MVP.

And YES, I am presenting as well which makes me feel humble since I highly respect Mahesh and Damian. So it’s good to be part of it all. I’ll talk about the feedback I get out of the field, and how I look at it.

Because this webinar will address many questions concerning SCOM 2016 I highly advise to attend this webinar.

Go here to subscribe to this webinar.


bLazeDntWisTeD said...

I missed this session.. any idea if the slide desk, or presentation will be shared somewhere..?

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi bLazeDntWisTeD

The webinar is recorded, so my guess is Savision will publish it on their website.


Leslie Franklin said...

Here are the top 10 Q&A from the webinar mentioned above along with how to gain access to the recording.