Thursday, September 3, 2009

Drilldown error in OpsMgr R2 Reporting: ‘The value provided for the report parameter 'StartDate_BaseValue' is not valid for its type. (rsReportParameterTypeMisMatch)’

Bumped into this issue on multiple sites with OpsMgr R2 Reporting. A report is successfully rendered and properly displayed. Multiple graphs are shown and these graphs also allow a drilldown (clicking the line in the graph should open a detailed report about that graph).

However, when the drilldown is started, this error is shown: 'The value provided for the report parameter 'StartDate_BaseValue' is not valid for its type. (rsReportParameterTypeMisMatch)’:

The Server OS is W2K08 SP2 and SQL 2008 SP1 is used in all these situations.

The error presented here remembered me of an almost similar issue with OpsMgr RTM which was solved first in a hotfix and later integrated with SP1. The issue was that the Report scheduling functionality didn’t work when the regional settings differed from the regional settings on the server. Here the same error was shown. Could it be that there is an issue with non-English date formats (DD-MM-YY instead of MM-DD-YY)?

Fortunately I do have multiple test environments, some of them also W2K08 SP2 and SQL 2008 SP1 based. And there I could reproduce the error. So in the Control Panel of Windows Server under Regional and Language Options I changed the Format from ‘Dutch (Netherlands)’ to ‘English (United States)’ and within an hour the drilldown functionality started to work again: a nice detailed report was shown instead of the earlier mentioned error:

Until now I have only tested this workaround in my test environments where the RMS and SQL are installed on the same server. So I do not know yet how this relates in a production environment where SQL and the RMS/MS are installed on separate servers. Also I do not know the long term consequences of this change for other applications. So be careful with applying this ‘work around’ in production environments.

I have already posted a report about this issue on Microsoft Connect.

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