Thursday, September 3, 2009

Redirecting the MOM cache file ‘momcache.mdb’ to another location

Found this one on the Microsoft TechNet OpsMgr Forum. A very good advise it is.

For every user of the OpsMgr Console a cache file is created (momcache.mdb) which is stored in the user profile. On local workstations this shouldn’t be any problem at all.

But suppose you have a terminal server (or Citrix server) which is used as a ‘jumping board’ for the OpsMgr Console. This is a good approach since one has only a couple of locations where the OpsMgr Console is installed thus maintenance on it is done very easily. But in OpsMgr environments where many object are being monitored, the local cache file of the OpsMgr Console can grow to multiple GBs and the %SystemDrive% of the Terminal/Citrix server becomes rapidly full.

So one wants to redirect that file to another location. Of course, one could redirect the whole %USERPROFILE% but that is a workaround, not a solution.

Micheal Pearson from Microsoft has given the golden advise about how to redirect that cache file to another location: 

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