Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Error when deleting a Management Server: ‘The management server is part of the communication topology and cannot be deleted.’

When one tries to delete a Management Server in the OpsMgr Console one might bump into this error:

This error happens because there are still Agents reporting to this Management Server. First make these Agents communicate with another Management Server. When the to be removed Management Server hasn’t got any Agent reporting any more to it, it can be removed from the Console by right-clicking it and selecting the option ‘Delete’ in the context menu.

Microsoft has written a TechNet article about how to remove Management Servers.


Bas said...

Hi Marnix,

I'm currently in the proces of removing a management server from our SCOM infrastructure.

I've moved all the agents to the new MS and as far as I can tell (from the management console) there's nothing communicating with the old MS anymore.

However, when I try to remove the old MS from the Management Server view in the SCOM console I get the error message you stated in your post.

Is there any way to forcefully remove this server, maybe an SQL query or something?

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Bas.

Stupid question perhaps, but is the server the RMS by any change?

When you forcefully remove the server from the DB changes are huge you end up with an unsupported configuration.

Another thing which might be at play here is that the server is perhaps also running like a proxy and/or monitoring networkdevices for instance?


David Biot said...

I have seen this error recently. The promoteRMS had been done from the root of the c-drive, instead of the SCOM install folder. Because of this, the old RMS wasn't demoted as it should.

I re-ran de promoterms from the SCOM install folder on the new RMS, re-ran the updatedemotedrms from the SCOM install folder on the old RMS and voilà, I could delete the old RMS :).

makram said...

Make sure you don't have any Nework Devices still reporting to the Management Server you are trying to delete.