Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Dell MP released

Got an anonymous comment on this blog posting, telling me Dell has released a new MP. This MP has version number 4.0, A00. I do sincerely hope this MP is a huge improvement compared to the old versions which were a bit buggy (ahem).

One good start is that the Dell MP is split up in multiple components and that a guide with some real information has been included. Even though I haven’t tested it yet, I must say it looks promising.

MP to be found here.


Tim McFadden said...

This is nice.

Upgrading From the Previous Management Packs
Upgrading from the previous Management Pack is not supported.
You must delete the corresponding previous version of Dell Server MP (3.0,
3.1, or 3.1.1) and then install Dell Server Management Pack Suite v4.0 on
Systems Center Operations Manager. For information on the steps to import
Dell Server Management Pack Suite v4.0 see "Getting Started."
NOTE: Ensure you delete Dell Server Management Pack 3.x
(Dell.Connections.001.mp) prior to importing any of the Management

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Tim.

Haven't got time yet to take a deep dive into this MP. However, when the newest version of this MP doesn't support an upgrade it seems like Dell has broken with the past. Personally I do not mind having to remove the old Dell MP first since these MPs weren't that nice. To me it seems promising this new MP. Hope to find some time this week in order to check it out.

Best regards,