Thursday, September 24, 2009

While installing a Management Server this setup error occurs: ‘Setup cannot locate the SC database’

Bumped into this issue. The basic components of a new OpsMgr R2 environment (RMS & SQL) were already in place, based on W2K08 x64 SP2 and SQL 2K08 x64 SP1. Now it was time to install several Management Servers. But this screen kept on nagging me while trying to install the first Management Server:

Hmm. Strange. I checked the firewalls and all was OK. No issues there. The SQL server was online AND TCP/IP was enabled as well. But no matter what I tried, the same error message kept on coming back. So time for some deeper investigations. Since the firewalls weren’t the issue it had to be something with SQL it self.

I started SQL Server Configuration Manager > SQL Server Network Configuration > Protocols for MSSQLSERVER and checked TCP/IP:

Indeed, it is enabled. But lets take a deeper look, and check its properties (double click it) and check the tab IP Addresses:

I need the second listed IP. Even though it is active, it is NOT enabled. So I enabled it, restarted the SQL Server service as stated in this message:

and now I can install the Management Server without any issue:


Unknown said...

Thank you for this information, it helped me resolve the issue I was facing.



Toz said...

Hi, I am having the same problem but enabling the second IP did not help me. Any thoughts on what else I should be looking at?

Marnix Wolf said...


Can you telnet to the SQL port from the server where you are trying to install SCOM?

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot, It help like nobody can even think off because I was working in a office where I am the support manager and my client coulnt work for two (2) days period tell I found your article.

Thanks again.