Thursday, September 10, 2009

Post upgrade step after upgrading from OpsMgr SP1 to OpsMgr R2

It is commonly known that R2 not only adds new Management Pack Templates in the Authoring Pane, but that the ones which were already present in RTM/SP1 have been improved. And that is not just some marketing mumbo jumbo.

So whenever an upgrade from SP1 to R2 has been run, always check the monitors which have been built using the Management Pack Templates. These monitors need to be upgraded as well. But before starting that process make a backup of the MPs containing those monitors, for the Just-In-Case-It-Goes-Wrong scenario.

How to update a monitor built with a MP Template? Easy. Go to Authoring > Management Pack Templates and select the built monitor. Double click it and this message will be shown:

Click OK and now the editor containing the monitor will be shown. Click the button Apply (bottom left) and this monitor will be upgraded to R2.

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