Tuesday, November 22, 2016

BlueStripe FactFinder Goes Cloud: Say Hello To Service Map

Some background information
In June 2015 Microsoft completed the acquisition of BlueStripe Software. Their flagship product being BlueStripe FactFinder, a dynamic monitoring solution which maps, monitors and troubleshoots distributed applications across heterogeneous operating systems and multiple datacenter and cloud environments.

On itself very impressive and when combined with SCOM it got even more impressive since it extended SCOM to an unprecedented level. It enabled SCOM to dynamically discover multi layered applications, build DA’s on the fly and show real time performance monitoring in the SCOM Console as well.

Sadly, when BlueStripe Software was acquired by Microsoft, the flagship product was pulled. Only updates for existing customers were available but that was just about it.

OMS it is…
Until now that is. Microsoft and the former BlueStripe people have worked hard in order to fold the BlueStripe FactFinder functionality into OMS as a Solution, branded Service Map, previously called Application Dependency Monitor.

It’s in Public Preview, so you can test drive it for free.

When you want to know more about this new OMS Solution go here and read the whole article all about Service Map, it’s capabilities and possibilities, written by Nick Burling, Principal Program Manager on the Enterprise Cloud Management Team.

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