Monday, November 21, 2016

Is SCCM Current Branch Successful? The Numbers Say YES!!!

As stated earlier, SCCM uses a new approach for it’s updates. Almost three to four times per year an update for SCCM becomes available. As a result, Microsoft speaks now of CaaS, ConfigMgr-as-a-Service.

IMHO, it’s a success. But who am I at the end of the day? Only one man with a blog that’s all. And sure, I get positive feedback from my customers when I ask them about their (update) experiences with CaaS.

But still, it only represents a small number of it all. Especially when we talk about SCCM/ConfigMgr.

So gladly Microsoft has published some numbers which are impressive:

  1. 50 million+ devices are managed by CaaS (1511 or later);
  2. 25 thousand+ organizations are using CaaS.

Want to know more? Read this posting by Brad Anderson and be – just like me – amazed & impressed.

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