Sunday, November 20, 2016

How Do You Do It?

Many times I am asked above question. Gladly, related to my interest of technologies that is Smile. Mostly, the question comes down to: How do you keep up with all new technologies and development?

The answer is quite simple actually. I love to watch videos and with Microsoft Mechanics on Twitter I am quickly informed about ‘the latest & greatest’.

They have tons of videos (many of them only 60 seconds), podcasts, interviews and so on, all about what’s new and how it works.

Of course, with 60 seconds one won’t learn the deeper stuff, but still you learn where to place it in the bigger picture. And when requiring more knowledge there are other sides like Microsoft Virtual Academy, Microsoft Channel 9, lots of blogs and so on. And when that’s not enough, simply Google it (sorry, I don’t use Bing).

And yes, Microsoft Mechanics IS a MARKETING channel. So you’ve got to cut through the marketing mumbo jumbo. But even when that slicing is done, there is still a lot of worth while information to be found there.

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