Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Cross Post: Understanding Resource Pools

I thought I understood already all there was to know about Resource Pools. But heck no! Wished I knew what Kevin has just posted when I wrote the chapter ‘Complex Configurations’ for the SCOM 2012 Unleashed book Smile.

But back then I didn’t know. But now I do. And there is much more to Resource Pools than I thought possible. And it can be modified as well!

Totally awesome! Want to know more? Read Kevin’s posting and be amazed, just like me!

All credits go to Kevin Holman for sharing AND his colleague Mihai Sarbulescu turns out to be the SCOM Resource Pool guru! Changes are this man knows a lot more SCOM stuff as well, so perhaps other mind blowing postings are to be expected in the near future?

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