Sunday, November 20, 2016

New E-book: Containerized Docker Application Lifecycle With Microsoft Platform & Tools

Wonder what containers are (besides the obvious that is) and why IT in general and you specifically should know? And what containers can do for you (your company, your customers that is)?

Not wanting to read a tons of pages but under a hundred and STILL get a good and basic understanding of containerized applications (because that’s what I am talking about)?

Yeah, I know. Your field is IT Operations. So why should you care about application development? Let alone application life cycle? I mean, you’re NOT a developer. Duh!

Well guess what. The world we know is changing! And not at light pace but with the speed of light. As such, it comes in handy to know ‘a bit’ more about the world around you, the new technologies and the new world.

No, it’s not out there YET. But it’s changing already. And my guess is that containers are the next BIG thing and will make the revolution introduced by virtualization look like a walk in the park.

Hopefully I’ve made you curious. If so, READ the FREE e-book, all about Containerized Docker Application Lifecycle With Microsoft Platform & Tools.

And yes, 60 pages in total. Nice isn’t it?

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