Monday, November 21, 2016

I Want ConfigMgr 1610 And I Want It NOW!!!

Suppose you’ve got a ConfigMgr 1606 (or older) environment and have heard about the Current Branch 1610 being available. How ever, as it’s globally rolled out, it might take some time before it’s available in your region.

As such it might not show up yet in your ConfigMgr environment:

Now there are two things you can do: WAIT, until it’s available and ConfigMgr will let you know when it’s there, OR run a PS script which puts you in the first wave of customers getting the update, AKA Early Update Ring.

This PS script is made by the The Configuration Manager Team, so you know it’s good Smile. Script can be downloaded from here.

How it works
Easy job!

  1. Download the script which is packed as a signed executable so the code can’t be tampered with;
  2. Unpack the executable. By default it unpacks the PS script in the folder C:\EnableFastRing;
  3. Run the PS script EnableFastUpdateRing1610.ps1 and enter the name of your Site Server and hit <enter>;
  4. The PS script will run and report the status back when done:
  5. Open the ConfigMgr Console with admin permissions and go to \Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Updates and Servicing. Hit the Check for Updates button and wait.
    > !!!When upgrading from 1511, you must restart the SMS_Executive service first!!!<
  6. Hit the Refresh button after a few minutes, and now the 1610 update will be shown:
  7. Happy upgrading!

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