Friday, March 27, 2009

New Dell MP released

Dell has released its new MP, to be downloaded here.

As might be known the older version was buggy and very noisy: it could hose your SCOM-environment totally. Look here for that posting.

PFE (Premier Field Engineer) Kevin Holman and I were in a race about whom would post first about it. He beat me to it. So I will not repeat his posting but link to it since his posting is - as usually - a good one. His posting can be found here.

My comments on the MP: not many major changes and the MP needs a lot of work in order to make it far less noisy.
Advise: Run it in a testenvironment first and disable the unneeded monitors/rules and discoveries. Put all these adjustments in a seperate MP, export it. Import the Dell MP into the production-environment together with the MP containing all the adjustments. And keep a watchful eye on your SCOM-environment afterwards...
Personally I still think this MP has the potential to hose the SCOM environment. So do not run it without any modifications.

Another piece of advise: run the 'installer' DellBMCLogSetup.exe on the Management Servers so the folder 'c:\DellReports' will be created containing the executable 'DellBMCLog.exe'.

Otherwise these errors will popup in the OpsMgr eventlog of the Management Servers:


Anonymous said...


Do you know when version 4.0 of the Dell MP is supposed to be released?

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi there.

No I do not know. And actually I am not sure whether Dell will do so.

So if any one knows more, please let me know and I put on my blog.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Dell has released the 4.0 version of the Server Management Pack and you can pick it up from :

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Anonymous.

Twice I say thanks to you: one time for visiting my blog and a second time for leaving such valuable comments! Great.

Best regards,