Tuesday, March 3, 2009

'Script or executable failed to run' - Part 3

08-05-2009 Update: Check this posting about a possible solution. There is a possibility that the DNS MP itself is OK but that there are problems with the way DNS is defined in WMI.
Issues with the DNS MP ?

Despite of the two earlier postings about the Alert 'Script or executable failed to run', I keep bumping into this issue at many customer sites. It has everything to do with the most recent version of the DNS MP (version 6.0.6480.0).

There are two discoveryscripts for DNS (DNS2003Discovery.vbs & DNS2003ComponentDiscovery.vbs) which keep on failing.

Strangest thing is, the servers on which they fail, scripts from other MPs (AD, DHCP, Server OS, GPO and so on) are running smoothly.

So I tend to think there is still some work to be done on the DNS MP. Until now I haven't been able to find much information about it on the internet.

So I am interested what kind of experiences others are having with this DNS MP. Hope to hear from you.


Steve Burkett said...

Yup, getting a bunch of failures for these ones on most (if not all) of our DC's. Soemthing really wrong with it.

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Steve,

thanks for your comment. So I am not the only one having this issue.

Best regards,

Allen said...

Me too!